Sunday, March 6, 2011

So Orginal!


Yup, so I did a quick search and it seems I may have been the first person to say:

"My left brain, aint right!"

It just came to mind, and I posted it on facebook. I don't know how I come up with this stuff!

Life is kinda funny right now for me! Some days I feel like I'm 19! Ok that's most of the time, LOL!!! But other days I feel all grown up! Making good decisions, not saying the first thing that comes to mind and so on.

I guess you gotta grow up sometime!




Mike Conaty said...

The key word is "Grow". Growing up is good. Getting old, not so much. :-)

Whatever you do, don't get old.

Dazelle Yvette said...

There is something wrong with you...

I always say my right brain is smarter because my left, left!

Does that mean there is something wrong with both of us?

MadBrad Smith said...

@Mike I feel you man!

@Dazelle Yup! We are "touched", LOL!!!