Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free trial, or Free???


I use lots of software, for lots of tasks. Since 1997 I have been "online" using my first modem (1200 baud) to connect to bulletin boards, then onto to a $250 per month Compuserve bill to the broadband we have today.

Software has changed over the years as well. It just keeps getting bigger and faster.

Throughout all of the years there have been two types. Free, and for pay. Today there is open source everything!!!

The free ones are just free. And the for pay ones do something called trial versions. Now since there are open source versions of most software, it leads me to search for software differently.

Granted, Adobe CS4, is not going to be easily matched in an open source product, but you can get close. I did a simple Yahoo search and came up with a bunch.

So why do we buy the big ticket software, when we can find a free open source alternative?

Why choose Free trial, over Free???

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Blackleader said...

this is a wakeup call from Norway :)

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miss you and P

MadBrad Smith said...


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Knut Eide said...

Hello. Long time friendship from Norway ( Cto Squad )